MAX-HD 2.0

MAX-HD 2.0 is the first SRS QA Phantom to provide Fully-Anthropomorphic, High-Definition IGRT QA for MRI, CT, kV, and  MV modalities.
MAX-HD 2.0 features exquisite MR visibility

Key Features

  • Real-World Multiple Met SRS QA
  • Exquisite High-Definition MR Visibility
  • Supports MR Treatment Planning
  • MR/CT Fusion
  • MR Distortion Analysis
  • HyperArc Commissioning
  • Full Anatomical Localization in both CT and MR
  • Supports 6DOF QA
  • No messy & inconsistent liquids
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Film + Ion Chamber + OSLD/TLD Dosimetry
  • Rental Program Available
  • Supports multiple AAPM TG SRS testing protocols including TG101 and TG135 for: 
    • Complete End-To-End Tests
    • Winston-Lutz test 
    • Isocentric Verification
    • Bony Anatomy Localization
    • Laser Alignment
    • Localization / Repositioning with Couch Shifts
    • Patient Orientation / Image Transfer QA 
    • IGRT QA for MR, X-Ray and On-board kV and MV images, including CBCT
    • MR/CT Image Fusion Multiple MET Dosimetry

Full Description

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) involves high dose fractions delivered to tightly constrained treatment volumes, with sharp dose fall-off toward critical structures. The advent of MR-Guided treatment platforms presents unique challenges for performing initial commissioning of new systems, and routine End-To-End QA. MAX-HD 2.0 is the first SRS QA Phantom to provide Fully-Anthropomorphic, High-Definition imaging capability for IGRT QA with MR, CT, kV and  MV modalities.

Cast from new proprietary materials, the entirety of MAX-HD's  soft tissue anatomy is MR-Visible, providing truly comprehensive End-To-End SRS QA across MR-Guided and MR-Simulation systems.

MAX-HD 2.0 is an efficient tool for comprehensive End-to-End system testing.  The anthropomorphic features include brain, vertebrae, sinus cavities, cortical and trabecular bone structure, larynx, trachea, and oral cavities.

MAX-HD 2.0 features multiple dosimetric opportunities, including two 3D Film Target Inserts, Large Coronal Film Plane,  Ion Chamber Measurement, and up to twenty OSLD point readings.

Ask us about on-site demo opportunities, short-term rental and leasing options, and competitive pricing.

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