MAX-HD is the high-definition, anthropomorphic QA phantom specifically designed for End to End SRS commissioning and QA.

Key Features



  • MAX-HD’s anthropomorphic features support all IGRT procedures including imaging, localization, targeting, image fusion, and target delivery.
  • Intuitive & Tool-less Assembly - MAX-HD can only be assembled in the correct orientation without the need for special tools and fasteners. Unique pin locations ensure film is always oriented correctly.
  • Flexible Setup - MAX-HD can be placed flat on an imaging or treatment couch with (or without) thermoplastic immobilization or an invasive frame 
  • Available in Axial and Sagittal orientations
  • MAX-HD is the only SRS phantom to feature multiple point-dose and film planes throughout the entire phantom, enabling highdose gradient analysis
  • Complete SRS plan verification in critical regions using multiple dosimetric QA tools: Ionization Chambers, nanoDots™, and GAFCHROMIC™ Film
  • Supports multiple AAPM TG SRS testing protocols including TG101 and TG135 for: 
    • Complete End-To-End Tests
    • Winston-Lutz test 
    • Blind Target Study
    • Isocentric Verification
    • Bony Anatomy Localization
    • Laser Alignment
    • Localization / Repositioning with Couch Shift 
    • Patient Orientation / Image Transfer QA 
    • IGRT QA for X-Ray and On-board kV and MV images, including CBCT
    • MR/CT Image Fusion Multiple MET Dosimetry

Full Description

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) involves high dose fractions delivered to tightly constrained treatment volumes, with sharp dose fall-off toward critical structures. MAX-HD is a high-definition anthropomorphic QA phantom specifically designed for End-to-End SRS commissioning; It’s also an unrivaled SRS training resource. MAX-HD provides QA for image acquisition from both CT and MR modalities, image fusion, multiple target simulation, IGRT localization, and dosimetric plan verification. 

MAX-HD is an efficient tool for comprehensive End-to-End system testing.  The anthropomorphic features include brain, vertebrae, sinus cavities, cortical and trabecular bone structure, larynx, trachea, oral cavities and teeth. There's even an option for an amalgam dental insert!

These high-definition features are combined with multiple planes of film and point-dose measurement locations to provide comprehensive analysis of high-resolution dose distribution coupled to critical structures. MAX-HD utilizes a range of intracranial inserts to support Winston-Lutz evaluation, blind target couch shift studies, volumetric dose distribution, MR/CT fusion, laser/isocentric verification, ion chamber point-dose measurements, and fiducial tracking. MAX-HD pairs exquisitely with Image-Guided topographic localization systems as well as Surface-Guided tracking systems such as the VisionRT AlignRT ™ System.

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