The ISOCube is designed for Daily IGRT QA, and is packed with all the features needed to confidently verify your day-to-day setup.

Key Features

  • Quick and Simple to use
  • Unique shell fiducials provide clear and precise images in EPID, kV and CBCT imaging
  • Offset target fiducial to verify accuracy of couch
  • Laser Alignment Verification
  • Light Field Size Verification
  • Verify kV and MV imager coincidence
  • Evaluate CBCT Process Accuracy
  • Evaluate ODI Accuracy
  • Verify Field / Light Alignment

Full Description

Target positioning through imaging guidance is critical for the accurate delivery of radiation treatment. Verifying that all of the imaging, localization, and targeting systems are aligned with the true radiation isocenter is crucial.

The ISOCube is made from Solid Water HE that contains a unique center point fiducial and an offset target. The offset target is used to evaluate the accuracy of table offset coordinates generated by kV/MV imaging by locating the target, performing a table shift and verifying that the offset target has been positioned at isocenter.

The ISOCube exterior is machined with concentric circle targets to allow user to objectively assess all setup errors, including rotations, and to easily align the phantom to the true radiation isocenter.

This phantom is compatible with the following analysis software packages:

IMT iQA Auto Analysis Software

RIT family of software

CIRS ISO Analyze

Interactive 3D Model

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