TG-142 Check

The TG-142 Check Phantom is designed with efficiency in mind while implementing a fully-comprehensive range of TG-142 QA test protocols.

Key Features

  • < 90 Minutes Start to Finish
  • Simple, Step-By-Step Protocols
  • iQA Auto Analysis Software

Full Description


  • Jaw Position & Light Field Coincidence
  • Light Field vs Radiation Field Coincidence
  • ODI Verification
  • Table / Couch Angles
  • MLC Leaf Position Accuracy
  • Full Picket Fence


  • Photons & Electrons
  • Typical Dose Rate Output Constancy
  • Dynamic Wedge Constancy
  • Energy Constancy
  • Flatness & Symmetry (Profile Constancy)

MV EPID, kV Planar Imaging

  • Scaling
  • Spatial Resolution 
  • Contrast
  • Noise
  • Uniformity

CBCT Imaging

  • HU Constancy & Contrast Visibility
  • Geometric Distortion
  • Spatial Resolution
  • Low Contrast Resolution
  • Noise
  • Uniformity
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