MAX-EA is ideal for SGRT/OSMS SRS QA. Featuring a removable forehead, inserts can be changed while the phantom is immobilized to minimize setup time & variation.
Change Inserts, While Immobilized. Ion Chamber can also be inserted & removed while immobilized.

Key Features

  • End-To-End SRS QA
  • Daily SGRT & IGRT
  • Daily Winston-Lutz
  • Film + Ion Chamber
  • Multi-Site Standardization & Repeatability
  • Minimal Setup Variation
  • iQA Auto Analysis Software
  • SRS Peer Review Standard
  • Flexible Purchase Options for Discretionary Budgets

Full Description

MAX-EA truly maximizes your SRS QA by providing maximum repeatability.

With Easy Access to the anterior insert pocket, inserts can be changed while the phantom is immobilized. It reduces variation inherently caused by multiple setups, provides significant time savings, and won’t even come close to making your budget sweat. For these reasons, MAX-EA is uniquely advantageous for SGRT/OSMS End-To-End QA as well as Daily QA

MAX-EA features two large insert pockets to host a variety of inserts for virtually any type of need, including additional targets and dosimetry planes for film, ion chamber, OSLD/TLD, and other custom needs.

More than positional repeatability during a single QA routine, MAX-EA is an excellent choice for clinics or networks looking to standardize their End-To-End and Daily SRS QA routines across multiple machines and sites. It provides flexible options for configuration and purchase.
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